Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

The Siegel Law Firm LLC, doesn't believe that there is any valid excuse for getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking too much alcohol. If you or a family member has been injured, or if you have lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, let us help you. Atorney Siegel is an experienced trial lawyer who will aggressively pursue justice on behalf of the victims and families of drunk drivers.

People who ignore the legal limit of alcohol in their blood must be held liable for your injuries.
Steps to take as soon as possible after being injured in a drunk driving accident:
We will handle everything, from initial investigation and gathering accident reports and medical records through the final resolution of your case. Our goal is to always to obtain fair compensation for you as efficiently as possible. If a jury trial is necessary, we have the resources and experience to stand up to the largest insurance companies in America.

Serving Alcohol to the Visibly Impaired in Connecticut (Dram Shop Liability)

Under the laws of Connecticut, a commercial establishment such as a bar, liquor store, or restaurant may be held liable for injuries or death that result from patrons who cause accidents while driving drunk. Attorney Siegel has extensive experience in bringing claims and lawsuits against bars who have served intoxicated customers and then drive and hurt others. Attorney Siegel can help determine whether Dram Shop liability laws apply to your case

You may not know whether your car accident injury case will be a Dram Shop case. If you notice that the other driver was visibly intoxicated, and was guilty of causing an accident because of being over the limit, we can help determine whether a commercial establishment should be included in the claim or lawsuit for serving alcohol to an intoxicated customer. If a drunk driver causes injuries, the victim can pursue a legal cause of action to include the establishment in a lawsuit to recover money damages.