Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

If your fall injury was the result of an owner having a dangerous condition on its property, be it a private home, store or restaurant, you may be entitled to seek money damages for medical bills, lost earnings, and pain that results from the accident. The law allows compensation to those injured if the owner knew or should have known of a dangerous condition of its property by what a reasonable inspection would have revealed had one been done. The owner will be held liable to those injured by a failure to correct known defects or defects which should have come to the attention of the owner on the property. Many times people are injured by a poorly maintained premises due to failure to clear ice and snow or the owners failure to repair defects on his property which cause injury.  The Siegel Law Firm LLC can help you protect your rights and fight for your best interests following a dangerous falling accident.

Attorney Siegel provides a free consultation to assess your slip and fall accident to help you decide whether you may have a claim. He will provide an honest evaluation of your case. Most slip and fall accident cases result in a fair settlement offer out of court. If your interests are better served by taking your case to court, however, Attorney Siegel has the experience and resources to prepare and present a clear and strong case for a jury verdict in your favor.